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The Philosophical Concept of Psyche in Islam in Light of Quran and Hadith – by Asma Parveen and Iftekhar Ahmed, Professors at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

“The early Muslim scholars may seem to rely heavily on the Greek and Hellenistic concept of self. Nevertheless, when seen in the glare of Quran and Hadith, the whole idea of nafs gleamed and gelled with a light of knowledge unique to it, and at the same time ushered in a well developed science of psychology.” Read More…

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Our Universe – By Dhananjay P. Mehendale, Head of Electronics Dept., S.P. College

“When there were no city lights and skyscrapers depriving the eyes from the endless sky and countless stars that spread over this huge emptiness filling it down to the horizon, astonished man started to ask himself: Where the cosmos came from? Where it will go? Who created it? Or was it always there? Great thinkers and philosophers of the past have done a lot of speculation on these questions.” Read More…

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