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A Letter from Salil Bal, Reminiscent of our Dialogue, ‘The East Unleashed’

“Every now and then we are proving statements made by Plato in some ancient time true to it’s core and heart: Democracy indeed is a bad form of Government.” Read More…

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‘Man and God approach each other through the Word’. Or more accurately, and in fact more poetically, the finite and the infinite approach each other through the symbol. Read More…

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Review of Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha by Abhay Joshi of Pune

A beautiful philosophical novel by a Nobel Prize winner. It’s a story of a young Indian Brahmin’s pursuit of enlightenment. Read More…

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Quotes from PJOP on Facebook

Many of you don’t know that PJOP has an associated Facebook page. And many fans of the Facebook page don’t know there is an associated journal. To remedy this we offer a selection of quotes from the early days of PJOP on Facebook.
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A Review of Atlas Shrugged with Sonali Gogate, an IT Professional at MindTree, Based in Pune

“At around 1200 pages, Atlas Shrugged is nearly worthy of the shoulders of an Atlas. I sent Sonali Gogate, who’s read the book several times—I’m only halfway through my first read—about ten questions to think about. We were to go through them by e-chat in order but I find myself thinking about the last one: How would you persuade someone to pick up the book in these times when all we have time for seems to be quick skimming? I mean it’s so weighty…in both senses of the word.” Read More…

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