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Review of Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha by Abhay Joshi of Pune

A beautiful philosophical novel by a Nobel Prize winner. It’s a story of a young Indian Brahmin’s pursuit of enlightenment. Read More…

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A Review of Atlas Shrugged with Sonali Gogate, an IT Professional at MindTree, Based in Pune

“At around 1200 pages, Atlas Shrugged is nearly worthy of the shoulders of an Atlas. I sent Sonali Gogate, who’s read the book several times—I’m only halfway through my first read—about ten questions to think about. We were to go through them by e-chat in order but I find myself thinking about the last one: How would you persuade someone to pick up the book in these times when all we have time for seems to be quick skimming? I mean it’s so weighty…in both senses of the word.” Read More…

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