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Origins Shrouded in Myth — by Raam Gokhale

“In the beginning was the self, the Purusha (the male principle), alone, afraid, wondering what made him lonely and fearful. If there was loneliness and fear, there could also be company and pleasure. Restless, he split himself.”
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Radhaa: The Silent Lover — Nupur Behl

“But a deeper philosophy provides us an answer which is not only simple, beautiful and sublime, but also the one that transcends the apparent ritualistic contradictions and complexities which we often think are extant in the Hindu thought. This paper aims to understand the position and the role of Radhaa in the Hindu philosophy.” Read More…

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Teaching argumentation from the Nyaya-Sutras — by P.S. Borkowski, PhD

“Our goal in this pedagogy, like Gotama’s, is practical argument drawn from the theoretical basis of argumentation. This can be extracted from Gotama’s Nyaya-Sutras to craft a sequential outline plan for a course in argumentation for social policy (deliberative) arguments.” Read More…

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Takshaka: Avenger from the Forest and Pariikshita’s Liberation — By: Nupur Behl

“Taking cue from the classical text of Shrimad-bhagvatam, by Ved Vyas, this paper intends to understand the concept of death in human life, its daunting nature and the wise means of dealing with it, by referring to the myth of the king, Pariikshita and the serpent, Takshaka.” Read More…

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The Philosophical Concept of Psyche in Islam in Light of Quran and Hadith – by Asma Parveen and Iftekhar Ahmed, Professors at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

“The early Muslim scholars may seem to rely heavily on the Greek and Hellenistic concept of self. Nevertheless, when seen in the glare of Quran and Hadith, the whole idea of nafs gleamed and gelled with a light of knowledge unique to it, and at the same time ushered in a well developed science of psychology.” Read More…

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