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Slumdog Philosopher. Richdog Philosopher – by Raam Gokhale

“Did you know Einstein daydreamed about riding a beam of light as a very young boy? Relativity didn’t come out of any books he crammed for as a student. All truly original ideas come from little bits of our lives, bits that someone seeing our life like a movie wouldn’t waste two seconds on—unless in some later part of the movie it turned out those bits enabled us to answer some questions in a millionaire quiz show or to formulate some world-shaking theory.” Read More…

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Know Thyself — by Raam Gokhale

“The search for knowledge is like the search for true love. We live in a web of relationships, be it of propositions or people. Sometimes we are in a skeptical mood and we grasp for a solid base—a belief that we’re sure of or a friend or lover we can trust completely—but experience seems to admonish us, ‘all are fickle’; at such times the web can seem inscrutable. Then at other times we’re completely in the moment and the web is worldwide, and we’re secure in its interrelationships, confident in our position. We’re in a web all right—just sometimes we see ourselves as the spider other times as the fly.” Read More…

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Interview with Professor Dhananjay Mehendale, Head of the Electronics Dept. at S.P. College, Pune

“Scientific theories are best supported by what might be called ‘surprising’ facts. That is, the theory makes a surprising conjecture and over time experiments are performed that bear it out.” Read More…

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