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Just-if-ication – by Raam Gokhale

“We give justifications for our beliefs but we also give justifications for our actions. Justification has an ethical sense as well as an epistemological one.” Read More…

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The Two Envelopes Problem: a ‘Back of the Envelope’ Solution – by Raam Gokhale

“We give a simple solution of the two envelopes problem by considering an alternate situation to which the problem’s expectation formula more properly applies. The flaw in reasoning in the original problem is apparent once the difference in the two problems is examined.” Read More…

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A Review of Atlas Shrugged with Sonali Gogate, an IT Professional at MindTree, Based in Pune

“At around 1200 pages, Atlas Shrugged is nearly worthy of the shoulders of an Atlas. I sent Sonali Gogate, who’s read the book several times—I’m only halfway through my first read—about ten questions to think about. We were to go through them by e-chat in order but I find myself thinking about the last one: How would you persuade someone to pick up the book in these times when all we have time for seems to be quick skimming? I mean it’s so weighty…in both senses of the word.” Read More…

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