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Resolution of Grue Using a Support Measure — by Raam Gokhale

This paper argues that the denial of ‘All emeralds are grue’ is more positively relevant to the evidence to date than the denial of ‘All emeralds are green’ is to the evidence and that therefore ‘All emeralds are green’ is better supported by the evidence than ‘All emeralds are grue’. Read More…

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Pathways Students on Death Row – by Geoffrey Klempner

I can’t even begin to describe the daily onslaught of distractions here, but nonetheless prison contains the elements of both university and battlefield. It is up to each individual to construct for themselves the sanctuary they choose to live in. Read More…

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A Lecture on Descartes’ Meditations – Delivered at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth (a university in Pune) on October 19, 2011

The study of the Meditations nearly thirty years ago was one of the major catalysts of my decision to pursue a career in philosophy so the subject is dear to my heart. Read More…

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