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A Critique of the Mind-Brain Identity Theory – by Adebayo A. Ogungbure,Department of Philosophy, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

“This paper attempts a critical examination of the mind-brain identity theory which holds that the mind or consciousness is nothing but a physico-chemical process in the brain.” Read More…

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Takshaka: Avenger from the Forest and Pariikshita’s Liberation — By: Nupur Behl

“Taking cue from the classical text of Shrimad-bhagvatam, by Ved Vyas, this paper intends to understand the concept of death in human life, its daunting nature and the wise means of dealing with it, by referring to the myth of the king, Pariikshita and the serpent, Takshaka.” Read More…

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A Letter from Salil Bal, Reminiscent of our Dialogue, ‘The East Unleashed’

“Every now and then we are proving statements made by Plato in some ancient time true to it’s core and heart: Democracy indeed is a bad form of Government.” Read More…

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