A Letter from Salil Bal, Reminiscent of our Dialogue, ‘The East Unleashed’

Long ago it was said in the times of British Utilitarian Movement, that  the quality of a government and the efficiency of its governance is best judged by the happiness and well being of its people, more the number people in that ‘state’  the government tends to be ‘good’ .But now centuries after, in India this seems to not exist at all. The state of massacre which we are going through is more than to be called as pitiful (it has crossed the limits in all its senses then why not this?)India is said to be a land of diversities and contradictions and now our elected representatives are on a mission to prove it right and are on their jobs with full fledge. Like a responsible (the word is rather used irresponsibly many a times!) citizen we pay our taxes which goes into an irreversible well of corruption: contradiction number one. India is said to have adopted democracy, a sovereign social democracy, but we still are deprived of a fundamental right, the Right to Reject a candidate which isn’t worth to get a vote . We all vote and elect one of them and just complete one formality, but by electing the one which we want we complete one responsibility, one of the important responsibility indeed!.But in a country which has attained independence more than 50 years before we can’t deny, can’t reject, can’t say no. Independence was  a matter of past but Freedom, we are not yet free from the thralldom of Power: contradiction number two. Every now and then we are proving statements made by Plato in some ancient time true to it’s core and heart: Democracy indeed is a bad form of Government. All things move around Power and Command.  For a Government to be successful and sustainable leaders have to rise above the level, forget small needs of theirs and think for the masses and take up their social responsibility: contradiction number three. All this can’t go on …. Things are ought to change and must change. If one side is insensitive the counter side must rise. Now the people must rise to the call. If the government isn’t effective  ,isn’t creating satisfaction among them, it’s of no utility and must be replaced and for preventing this happening again and again we should have ‘freedom’ to elect and  choose and also to reject which and what  we don’t want. Good and Bad move in circle and Bad has to be terminated and overcome with Good. Not in the extreme case of hedonist but the least we need is harmony, though not pleasures of highest order and kind. It’s the common people with the fire of their will who can burn and give birth to new common Good. We should get what we deserve and struggle if deprived remembering the ancient Indian pearl of wisdom ’truth alone triumphs and survives’

by Salil Bal

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